Manage Account

Switch Accounts, Edit Guardians, and Modify Security Email

Users can access the account management page in two ways:

Option 1: By clicking on the avatar and selecting "Switch Account."

Option 2: From the homepage, click on the Assets tab, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, click on "Account Settings," and then choose "Switch Account."

Account Management

The Account Management Module is designed to facilitate various account-related operations, which include:

  • Account Switching: Easily switch between your accounts.

  • Managing Accounts: To log out from the current device, click on "Manage." Then select the account you wish to remove. If you need to log back into the account at a later time, you can use the Recover function. For detailed instructions on how to recover your account, please visit the following link: Recover Account on Kontos.

  • Add Account

    • New account: To create a new Kontos account, please follow the instructions provided in the link below: Register a New Account on Kontos

    • I already have an account: If you already have an account and wish to use it on this browser, select this option to activate the Recover feature, which imports an existing account. For a step-by-step guide on recovering your account, click here: Recover an Existing Account on Kontos

Edit Guardians

In the Guardian section, the main functionalities are divided into three parts:

  1. Modify, add, or delete your Guardians;

  2. View requests sent by accounts you're guarding, which you can either approve or reject;

  3. View your Guardians or the accounts you're currently guarding for.

Here are two points to note:

  1. Any modifications to existing Guardians require a 48-hour waiting period. This is to protect your account.

  2. You need at least two Guardians. When recovering an account, the consent of at least two Guardians is required.

Guardian mode takes effect immediately upon account creation. Any modifications in the Guardian section after creating the account require a 48-hour waiting period.

Modify Security Email

You can also modify your security email. Simply follow the prompts to proceed. Any modifications also require a 48-hour waiting period, ensuring the security of your account.

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