We have summarized the frequently asked questions here.
How do I withdraw my assets from Kontos if I can't withdraw them from Kontos Gateway?
Currently, you can send assets out via cross-chain transactions as follows:

Is it free to transfer assets on Kontos Chain?

Yes, at the moment, transfers in the Kontos Chain are free of charge, so we recommend you to use the Kontos Wallet, which is cheaper than transferring funds across the chain, and even if you utilize cross-chain transactions, it doesn't require you to purchase or own the native tokens of the corresponding network as the Gas fee. It's very convenient and user-friendly.

How many accounts can I create on Kontos?

Currently, creating an account on Kontos is free and unlimited!

How many Guardians can I set up and how many accounts can I guard for?

Currently, there is no limit to the number of Guardians, you can set none, and if you do, at least 1, with no upper limit. There is no limit to the number of Guardians you can be for other accounts.

Why do I need the Guardian's approval and enter the PIN Code when restoring my account?

Keeping your accounts and assets safer. That's what makes Kontos great and unique.

How do I check my transaction details?

You can jump to the Kontos Browser by clicking on the Explorer button on the official Kontos website. Here you can check your Account and Transaction information/history. Alternatively, you can directly visit:

Who do I contact if I encounter any problems or have any questions?

Kontos Twitter:
Kontos Telegram:
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