Action Abstraction

Users can execute trades and actions with ease. Kontos simplifies the process, allowing users to concentrate on their investment decisions without worrying about the underlying blockchain mechanics.

Intent-Centric Account Protocol:

  • Kontos serves as an Intent-Centric Account Protocol, focusing on supporting users in achieving cross-chain value transfers and message relays, rather than relying solely on transactions.

  • Supports various behavior abstractions, including cross-chain asset transfers, cross-chain contract calls, message relays, native asset exchanges, and gas prepayment by the Broker service.

The core objective of the protocol is to abstract complex operations into "one-click completion," providing users with a simplified and user-friendly experience.

In conclusion, Kontos integrates advanced technologies across account, asset, behavior, and multi-chain abstractions, offering users a thoroughly simplified experience. The protocol's innovative designs address key challenges, making it a noteworthy solution in the realm of Intent-Centric Protocols. The core architecture of Kontos includes AA Contract, Broker Network, Prover Network (zk light client blockchain), and Relayer Network.

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