Chain Abstraction

Users are able to access and interact with various blockchains effortlessly. Kontos’s omnichain capability means you can focus on your trading intention, not on the technicalities of chain interoperability.

Inter-chain Abstraction and Interoperability:

  • Lightweight client verification: Kontos runs a lightweight client for each external chain to obtain block headers and states, verifying their correctness on the Kontos chain, allowing Kontos to validate the status of external chains.

  • Zero-knowledge proof recursion: Kontos uses three layers of zero-knowledge proofs to recursively prove its state, ensuring efficient off-chain cross-chain operation verification.

  • Broker Relay: When users execute cross-chain operations on external chains, the Broker service pre-pays fees and assets, reclaiming them after execution on the external chain.

  • Message Relay: Any user can relay messages between two chains using Kontos.

Result: Kontos and Any Chain synchronize in a lightweight node manner, enabling users to verify and settle intents occurring on Any Chain within the Kontos chain. In comparison to other solutions, this approach maximizes decentralization and security. The key to achieving seamless cross-chain interoperability is this chain abstraction mechanism, eliminating the need for developers and users to worry about differences in underlying chains.

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