Introduction to the "Kontos Voyage Season 2"

Kontos Voyage Season 2 is here!
Kontos Voyage is a series of user-oriented activities. After Season 1's how to get started with Kontos (over 19K OATs minted), Season 2 brings us a new experience with interaction with mainstream DEXs.
Duration: Sept 7, 2023 at 1:00PM to Sept 21, 2023 at 1:00PM, UTC
We are here to introduce all cryptocurrency users to this great one-click interaction feature. You will have a smooth experience interacting with DApps as long as you own one asset on Kontos. No more concern about cross-chaining and swapping to get native tokens for gas fees!
In this updated version of Kontos extension, we support the swap function of Quickswap on Polygon Chain and PancakeSwap on BNB Chain.
Try it out with the smooth gas-less experience!
Follow our social media accounts and interact with DEX once and you'll earn 1 NFT and 100 points!
There are three main steps for the interaction:
  • Create an account on Kontos
  • Bridge some assets to your Kontos wallet
  • Interact with DEX(s)
Firstly, how to download and install the latest Kontos extension?
If you have already downloaded and created a Kontos account, the extension will automatically update to the latest version, if not, please update it manually.
Manage extensions by clicking the extensions button on your browser==>Enter Developer mode==>Button inside the extension is on==>Click "Update"
Also, before proceeding, please make sure that your Kontos and MetaMask extensions are enabled.
Secondly, how to use the Kontos Gateway (bridge)?
Last but not least, how to interact with DEX?
Please check the following:
We have also summarized some frequently asked questions for your reference.
Regarding Interaction:
  • Before interacting, please set Kontos as your default wallet. With this option enabled, you can choose to connect to either Kontos or MetaMask when connecting to the DEX.
How do I enable this feature?
Please click on your avatar next to your username and turn on the button to set Kontos as your default wallet.
  • Visit PancakeSwap at switch to BNB Chain, or go to Quickswap at and switch to Polygon. Click "Connect Wallet", choose MetaMask, and then connect to Kontos. Note that you won't be connected with your personal Kontos account - instead, you'll connect to Kontos' public address.
  • Select your source asset, making sure you've deposited the same asset to Kontos (via Kontos Gateway at
    Currently, only USDT, USDC, and DAI are supported.
  • Choose your target asset, enter the amount, and confirm the swap. Displayed balances don't reflect your personal assets, but rather liquidity from the public wallet. You can swap any amount of your deposited assets up to the displayed balance.
  • If this is your first DEX interaction, Kontos will prompt you to create an AA (account abstraction) wallet address on the underlying chain (BNB Chain/Polygon) for future smart contract interactions. After that, you won't need to worry about gas fees.
  • Check for transaction details on "Task" in Kontos homepage, you can ignore the pending status in the DEX.
  • Currently, only USDT, USDC and DAI balances are shown separately with USD value. Other assets are displayed under "Other" and do not show values.
About Community
  • What if I can't get verified on the Telegram announcement channel?
If you are experiencing Telegram verification issues, try deleting your TG handle on Galxe and then adding it back. Afterwards, try the verification process again.
On Bridge (Kontos Gateway)
  • What is the minimum amount to bridge to Kontos?
There is no minimum requirement. Any amount greater than zero is sufficient to proceed with the bridging process.
  • How do I send assets on Kontos back to a connected account on MetaMask?
You can easily send assets back to a connected account on MetaMask by using the "Send" feature on the Kontos extension. Please refer to our documentation for detailed instructions:
On Verification Process
  • How long does it take to renew the credential of “Kontos Voyage Season 2 for Kontos Alpha Mainnet”?
The verification process is real-time and relies on the API provided by Galxe. Your account status will be verified automatically. Please note, however, that bridging transactions may take a few minutes to synchronize.
  • Do I need to interact with both PancakeSwap and Quickswap to get verified?
No, interacting with one DEX is sufficient to complete the on-chain verification process.
On Account
  • Why does it cost $1.50 to restore the account?
After the user interacts with the underlying public chain, there will be an account abstraction wallet on that chain. Through Broker operations, there will be transactions on the underlying public chain.
As a result, every time you need to restore your account, a small fee is incurred. A few dollars or so, depending on how many underlying public chains your account has interacted with.
Even if you do not make any other cross-chain transactions after restoring your account, you will be charged as if you were restoring your account again. As long as the first cross-chain transaction was made, fees will be incurred each time the account is recovered.
At the moment, the minimum charge is $1.50, please try not to activate the recovery function to minimize the loss.
Questions for Particular Attention
  • Why can't I connect to my Kontos wallet?
Please make sure you have clicked on the "Set as Default Wallet" within Kontos and refresh the page. Click on MetaMask when connecting to the wallet and then you can select Kontos in the popup page.
  • Why am I connecting to the wrong address on DEX? It's not my Kontos account and the balance is incorrect.
When you connect to a DEX, a Kontos public account is displayed instead of your own. The displayed balances don't reflect your personal assets, but rather liquidity from the public wallet. You may swap any amount of the Deposit Assets up to the balance shown.
  • Why do I need to create an AA wallet address?
If you are interacting for the first time or transferring assets across chains in Kontos, you are required to create an AA wallet address, which creates the transaction address on the corresponding chain.
AA wallet is the storage address on the corresponding chain used to receive your assets.
Whether it's BNB Chain or Polygon, you only need to create an AA wallet address once on the same account!
Improved convenience: previously complex actions that required multiple interactions with a regular account, like token swapping on a DEX, can now be completed in a single step.
  • How do I know if my account has successfully created an AA wallet address on the corresponding chain?
You can check on the Kontos homepage within Receive.
No AA address has been created yet, please follow the prompts to create them.
AA wallet address has been successfully created.
These may be helpful to you:
If you have any other questions, please contact us directly via Twitter, Telegram, Discord or email, and we appreciate your support and understanding!
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