Warm Reminder on Kontos Bot

Kontos Bot is exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly in its use, swiftly executing commands and tasks according to user intent. It serves as an indispensable tool and assistant on your Web3 journey.

One Command, One Task

KontosBot follows the principle of one command, one task. If you have already entered a command and completed the task, but still want to perform the same task, re-enter the new command in the dialog box and click on the new button that pops up to perform the new task.

If you see the following pages indicating that your command has expired, please return to Telegram or Discord to enter a new command.

Please Don't Forget "/"

Please be mindful that every time you input a command, don't forget the "/" symbol. It acts as an essential part of the instruction, ensuring the Bot recognizes and executes the intended action.

About PIN Code

When you first register your account with Kontos Bot, you will input a PIN Code on your device. The PIN Code is tied to your device, so when registering other accounts subsequently, it won't appear again. This is not a bug; the PIN Code remains the same for the same device and browser, regardless of the number of accounts.

For Existing Accounts

If you have previously registered with the Kontos browser extension wallet, you can /recover it on Kontos Bot, and it will synchronize with the bot. Please proceed with the binding for ease of operation. Wondering how to recover and bind? Please refer to the following steps.

Recover and Bind on Discord:

Recover and Bind on Telegram:

About the Info Display of Kontos Bot in the Discord Server

Rest assured that the actions you perform with KontosBot on Discord are visible only to you, and others cannot access this information. Therefore, there's no need to worry about the disclosure of your information.

Your actions with KontosBot are secure.

About KontosBot on Telegram

KontosBot operates in one-on-one chat dialogs on Telegram, so there's no need to worry about privacy and security (please be mindful of Telegram's own security settings). In most cases, commands don't require manual input; you can simply click on the commands in the chat box, and individual commands can be repeated as needed.

Certainly, in any situation, you can input the correct individual command; it's entirely your choice.

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