Recover Account

Recover your account on current device.

Users can access their Kontos through various terminals, each offering a distinct interface:

  1. Web App: The Web App can be accessed using a browser on both mobile phones and computers, providing a versatile platform for managing Kontos accounts.

  2. Discord Bot: Users can interact with their Kontos account through a specialized bot on Discord. This bot integrates commands within the Discord environment, allowing users to perform account actions directly within the chat interface from any channel in Discord server and the messages with Discord bot are private.

  3. Telegram Bot: Similar to the Discord Bot, the Telegram Bot enables users to manage their Kontos account via Telegram. Users can issue commands through the chat interface to interact with their account.

For both the Discord and Telegram Bots, users have the option to access features through the command line by invoking the embedded Web App. Next, we will demonstrate the process for accessing the Web App.

Recover Account with Web App

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to

  2. For new users, click on the "Recover Wallet" option to begin the recovery process.

There are two methods for users to recover their accounts on Kontos, depending on the security options selected during account setup:

  1. Security Email: If security emails were set up, account recovery can be conducted via email(s).

  2. Guardians: If guardians were established, account recovery can be facilitated through the guardian(s).

Option 1: Recover with Google

If you've set up security email, choose "Security Email Recovery".

To recover your account, please fill in the correct security email address associated with your account, and click "Send Email" to send a recovery email to Kontos.

If there is no response due to lack of email application on your device, choose "More Options" to manually send the email. Please do not change anything of the email receiver, title, and content.

After sending the recovery email, you will receive a confirmation email from Kontos team. Please wait up to 5 minutes after that for your account to be recovered successfully.

Option 2: Recover with Guardians

If you've set up guardians, you need to recover with your guardians' approval by clicking on "Guardian Recovery".

Copy the Public Key, and send it to your guardians for them to approve your recovery request in their Kontos Web app.

Let your guardians enter Guardian interface in the Account setting. Select "Approve" in the Requests.

As the Guardians, paste the public key and submit to approve the recovery request.

Your account will be recovered for use once the required threshold amount of Guardians have approved your recovery request.

Option 3: Password Recovery (Legacy)

For users who only set up password in our previous versions, please note that password recovery has been displaced by Email or Guardian recovery in the latest update! We've provided a legacy password recovery option for users without guardians previously set up. Please click "Can't recover the account?" at the bottom and follow prompts. Immediately set Guardians or email as safeguard after recovering your account. Accounts without new safeguards may become inaccessible in future updates!

Recover Account with Bots

For Kontos Bot, use /recover command and follow the link to start account recovery.Select "Recover Wallet" and enter your Kontos account name to continue.

Use Bot in Discord

  1. Join the Discord server by following this link:

  2. Once you are in the server, you can interact with the Bot through command line inputs in any channel. Please note that your interactions with the Bot are private and will only be visible to you.

To proceed, type the command /recover and click "Recover Wallet" to navigate to the registration page. The subsequent steps are identical to those used in the Web App.

Use Bot in Telegram

  1. Start a conversation with the Bot by clicking this link:

  2. Once in the conversation, you can begin interacting by sending command line inputs to the Bot.

To proceed, type the command /recover and click "Recover Wallet" to navigate to the registration page. The subsequent steps are identical to those used in the Web App.

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