Send Assets from Kontos to Other L1s

If your assets are on Kontos network, you need to trade the assets to another blockchain other than Kontos before you withdraw. To withdraw assets, please send the assets to your other L1 address and make sure you select the correct chain.

  • Click "Send" on Kontos Home page and choose the asset you need to withdraw.

Users can transfer assets from their AA account on the underlying public chain to other Layer 1 (L1) addresses by following these steps:

  1. Select the Chain: Choose the blockchain from which you want to transfer assets.

  2. Choose Assets: Select the specific assets you wish to transfer.

  3. Enter Details: Input the quantity of assets and the L1 destination address.

  4. Confirm Transaction: Proceed to the next step to review and confirm the transaction details.

Once the transaction is confirmed and processed, the assets will be successfully transferred to the specified L1 address.

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