Start Omnichain Trading with Kontos

Kontos offers practical features that allow users to explore market trends, delve into trending tokens, and access detailed information on various tokens, enhancing their trading experience. What's more, you have the freedom to trade any token and pay gas fees with any asset you own with Kontos' amazing omnichain feature.

On the Kontos homepage, you can explore a wide range of tailored recommendations using various ranking filters to suit your specific interests of crypto currency. Enhance your experience by utilizing the favorite feature, which allows you to save and easily access your preferred tokens.

On the Markets page, you can gain in-depth insights by accessing detailed information on each token, including comprehensive price charts that track historical and current trends. Additionally, you are welcome to share your market sentiment with the Bullish/Bearish feature and express your outlook on token performance every day.

For trading, you can directly click on a token and hit the button "Buy"; or enter the Trade page to buy or sell an asset.

In Kontos, users have the flexibility to use any assets they own, regardless of the chain on which the assets are held, to pay for transactions on the current chain. This includes covering gas fees and other transaction-related costs.

Note: During the first trading transaction, the Kontos system assists the user in setting up an AA account on the underlying public blockchain. An AA account functions as a smart contract account, resulting in the first transaction's cost being higher than that of standard trading transactions.

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