Effortless Cross-Chain Transactions: Gas Fee Worries Unnecessary

Even if a user has no assets on a specific chain, they can still trade on Kontos without worrying about gas fees.

Now, Alice wants to purchase assets on Ethereum but has no $ETH. What should she do?

User's Need: Alice is interested in purchasing some cryptocurrencies on Ethereum, but her $ETH balance is insufficient to cover the required gas fees for the transaction.

Kontos Solution: Alice discovers the convenience of executing transactions on Kontos Bot. She chooses to complete the cryptocurrency purchase on Kontos Bot without the need to prepare sufficient gas fees on Ethereum.

Transaction Process: Alice had previously deposited to her Kontos account through Kontos Gateway, but not in $ETH. Using Kontos Bot for the cryptocurrency purchase, Kontos automatically handles the necessary gas fees. Alice doesn't have to worry about gas fees on Ethereum because Kontos takes care of this step for her.

Outcome: Alice successfully purchases the desired cryptocurrency on Ethereum without the need to prepare $ETH in advance. The convenience of Kontos eliminates Alice's concerns about transaction fees, providing a more flexible digital asset trading experience. The existence of Kontos Bot allows Alice to complete the entire transaction process seamlessly without worrying about preparing fees on a specific chain.

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