How to Trade on BNB Chain?

When using Kontos Bot on Telegram and Discord, if your account has sufficient balance, you can directly click or type the /trade command. You can interact with the currently mainstream 8 blockchain networks on KontosBot, buying and selling assets (selling feature coming soon). Let's take a practical look at how to trade on the BNB Chain.

Step 1: After entering or clicking /trade in the Telegram or Discord chatbox, you will follow the instructions to reach the Intent page. Here, directly input the asset and quantity you wish to purchase (choose from one of the 8 blockchain networks).

The 8 blockchain networks are as follows:

Ethereum/Optimism/Polygon/Fantom/Arbitrum/Avalanche/BNB Chain/Base

Step 2: Please click on this triangle symbol, select the network and asset, enter the desired purchase amount, alternatively, you can determine the purchase quantity by clicking on the progress bar below the amount box. The system will automatically calculate the total cost, including the Gas Fee and the sync AA wallet fee. (After restoring the account, there is a fee for synchronizing the AA wallet with the first transaction on the corresponding chain.)

Please note that the above fees may vary depending on the chain and the network conditions at the time of the transaction; they are not fixed.

Step 3: The system will automatically calculate. After your confirmation, please click the button.

Step 4: Enter your PIN Code.

You can check the transaction status and balance within Kontos Bot.

If the status of the transaction is as shown below, it means that the transaction failed, please choose other assets to purchase.

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