Purchasing Assets on Any Supported Blockchain

The currently supported blockchain networks are: Ethereum/Optimism/Polygon/Fantom/Arbitrum/Avalanche/BNB Chain/Base

Users can buy a variety of assets from different blockchains on Kontos, providing a diverse range of investment choices.

And Alice is preparing to purchase assets from different blockchains on KontosBot.

User Exploration: Alice, a user familiar with cryptocurrency investments, decides to explore Kontos' asset purchase feature.

Asset Selection: When interacting with KontosBot, Alice inputs the /trade command. She enters the purchasing interface within the Intent.

Purchase Execution: Alice chooses an asset from the BNB Chain. She seamlessly completes the transaction following a user-friendly process.

Portfolio Enhancement: The newly purchased assets are automatically added to Alice's Kontos portfolio, enhancing the diversity and value of her overall investment holdings.

Outcome: Alice successfully expands her portfolio by purchasing some of her interested and confident digital assets from mainstream blockchain networks through KontosBot. The accessibility and support for various assets on KontosBot provide her with a convenient and diverse investment experience.

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