Outline the roadmap of Kontos.
Kontos' Roadmap
The team is committed to developing a protocol that is accessible, user-friendly, and secure. Here’s a look at the roadmap for Kontos in the year 2023:
2023 Q1:
  • Kontos Protocol Testnet launch, bringing us one step closer to a seamless account protocol.
2023 Q2:
  • Adding support for 5+ chains/layer-2s, expanding our network compatibility.
  • Kontos Protocol Baby Alpha Mainnet launch, a significant milestone in our journey.
  • Introduction of Kontos Wallet Alpha Version, providing users with a powerful and user-friendly wallet experience.
2023 Q3:
  • Expanding support to 10+ chains/layer-2s, offering even more flexibility and options.
  • Incentive Programs to reward our growing community.
  • Targeting 200K Monthly Active Users (MAU).
  • Launching OTC Service, allowing users to make payments with Visa, ApplePay, Paypal, and more.
  • Introducing a Lender Model to lower the Broker threshold, increase user income, and optimize capital utilization.
2023 Q4:
  • Supporting 15+ chains/layer-2s, further enhancing our interoperability.
  • Aiming for 400K Monthly Active Users (MAU).
In conclusion, the roadmap for Kontos outlines an ambitious plan for the development of the protocol this year. With a focus on usability, accessibility, and security, Kontos is poised to revolutionize the way users interact with blockchain networks.