Warm Reminder

Kontos Wallet is very easy to use and meets many of the needs of its users. There are a few tips that we hope you are aware of.
  • Tips on the Guardian
The Guardian is the protector of our account, when you need to recover your account, you are required to get the permission from the Guardian, this Guardian can be your family, friend, any trusted person, or yourself. Your account will be restored only after the Guardian agrees to the recovery request. And the rules of Guardian's approval are also set by you, such as how many Guardians to set, how many Guardians need to approve. When creating an account, we can set up or not set up the Guardians. If not, you can add or edit Guardians on the Guardian page. If there is only one Guardian, it can not be removed. Currently, you can add an unlimited number of Guardians. You can also become a Guardian for other accounts, simply by operating and viewing the information on the Guardian page!
  • Tips on Restore Accounts
Please do not Reset or Recover accounts at will. Try to keep your account logged in.
After the user interacts with the underlying public chain, there will be an account abstraction wallet on that chain. Through Broker operations, there will be transactions on the underlying public chain.
As a result, every time you need to restore your account, a small fee is incurred. A few dollars or so, depending on how many underlying public chains your account has interacted with.
Even if you do not make any other cross-chain transactions after restoring your account, you will be charged as if you were restoring your account again. As long as the first cross-chain transaction was made, fees will be incurred each time the account is recovered.
At the moment, the minimum charge is $1.50, please try not to activate the recovery function to minimize the loss.
  • Tips on Cross-chain Bridge (Kontos Gateway)
Currently, Kontos Gateway supports BNB Chain and Polygon Chain, please make sure your MetaMask is on the correct networks. Other networks will be available soon. Stay tuned!
  • Tips on Kontos Account Username
Please note that we are currently open for registration of Kontos accounts with 4 or more characters and that there are no official accounts, so please be advised.
For example, accounts with Zecrey or Kontos-related names are not official accounts.
There are no official accounts!
  • Tips on the Recipient Address
When we make a cross-chain transfer (Send), our Kontos account automatically has the AA address for that chain. Then we can act as the recipient for cross-chain transfers. So when making a cross-chain transfer, you need to make sure that the recipient has already made a cross-chain transaction.
  • Tips on the DEX Interaction
Currently, Kontos supports interaction with PancakeSwap and Quickswap. Before interaction, please update the latest version of Kontos extension wallet and set Kontos as your default wallet. When interacting with the above two DEXs, the connected wallet is the public address of Kontos, not your personal wallet address, and the value of USDT/USDC/DAI is not your personal asset, but the liquidity provided by Kontos, so please don't exceed the corresponding value in a single swap. Please note that when you interact for the first time, you need to create an AA wallet on the corresponding chain. The related operations can be found in Task on the Kontos homepage.
If your Kontos account has previously performed a cross-chain transfer, you would not be prompted to create an AA wallet address when making the interaction (using the corresponding chain), you would simply make the swap and confirm the transaction.