Restore Fee

In this scenario, please be aware that there is a charge for AA wallet synchronization.
Restoring an account on Kontos is currently free of charge.
However, after restoring your account, there will be a one-time fee when you first interact with a specific public chain – this covers the cost of synchronizing your Account Abstraction wallet on that chain and occurs only during the initial transaction.
If you haven't created the corresponding AA wallet for a public chain before restoring your account, creating an AA after restoration incurs a fee. However, once the AA is created, subsequent transactions on the public chain won't involve any synchronization fees.
Note that an AA wallet is specific to each public chain; for instance, if you've created or synced an AA on BNB Chain, similar steps are needed when operating on Polygon. The fees for creating and syncing AA may vary depending on each public chain and individual transactions. They are not fixed.
Please be aware that after each account restoration, a fee for AA wallet synchronization will be incurred with the first transaction on a specific public chain.
Insufficient Balance?
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