How to Send Cross-chain Assets on Kontos?

How do I withdraw my assets to MetaMask?
The Kontos wallet is multi-chain and we have adopted an important role here. One of the main features and highlights of Kontos is the role of Broker.
Broker is responsible for helping users pre-pay and pay for gas when they want to make cross-chain transactions or make native transaction calls on other blockchains. You can think of Broker as a gas and asset station. Thus, users can use a specific asset to interact with different blockchain networks and dApps.
Assets on different chains are displayed here in a consolidated manner, as the multi-chain assets.
You can withdraw assets to MetaMask by selecting a different chain via the Send function. Let's take the BNB Chain as an example of how to send cross-chain assets.
Step 1: Click "Send" on the homepage.
Step 2: Choose the blockchain network. (Currently, BNB Chain and Polygon are supported.)
Step 3: Choose the asset you want to send.
Step 4: Fill in the amount and the Recipient's address, you can copy the EOA typed address from Metamask and paste the address in the Recipient field.
Step 5: Confirm the transaction.
You can check the transaction details in "Task" on homepage.
Please note that a task is only considered complete when "Succeed" is displayed; neither the "Pending" nor "Claimed" statuses are considered complete.
You have now successfully withdrawn the asset to MetaMask!
If you want to transfer cross-chain assets to another Kontos account, you can also operate here.
  • Provided that this is a registered and valid Kontos account.
  • This account has made cross-chain transfer on Kontos and owns an AA wallet.
Otherwise, the following reminders will appear:
Click "Next" and confirm the transaction.
You can view the history and details in the "Task" on the homepage.
Now that you have completed your first cross-chain transaction, congratulations!
You have an AA wallet on BNB Chain, the same steps apply to Polygon.
  • How to check if you have set up the AA wallet?